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Intelligent Automation Powered by Enterprise A2019


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The most significant hurdle so far has been the technically complex nature of the typical RPA product available in the market. A cumbersome user experience combined with inflexible delivery models have been keeping businesses and users from truly leveraging the power of intelligent automation.


Our mission from the outset has been simple: Any process that can be automated should be automated. This clear vision has driven us to innovate and develop products that are designed for easy and fast adoption by users at all skill levels — not just the expert RPA practitioner.


And that’s what’s behind Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019, the latest version of our industry-leading RPA and Digital Workforce platform. It not only makes RPA highly accessible to the citizen developer, but it also provides unprecedented power and flexibility to the specialist developer. At the same time, it offers IT managers the ability to deliver RPA across the entire business securely and with a substantially reduced cost of ownership.



Enterprise A2019 employs a radically unique approach to RPA, delivered through three key areas of enhancements —
all industry firsts:



 automation anywhere bullet2   A purely web-based RPA platform — ease of use, for all user levels, on all devices, across multiple operating systems


 automation anywhere bullet2   Cloud-based RPA as a Service — for near-infinite scalability via the world’s leading cloud platforms


 automation anywhere bullet2   AI-driven intelligent automation — artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that’s infused throughout the platform



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Author: Kashif Mahbub



Intelligent Automation Powered by Enterprise A2019


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