June 2017 Volume 6 Issue 2

Do these sound familiar? "None of my I.T. projects finish on time." "After a 30% cost over-run and exceeding our timeline by 6 months, we still have not completed the project." "Our project is a mess and our stakeholders' expectations have not been met." Many factors contribute to these over-runs and one of the more common ones is the lack of a proper project management process. In this article, we make the case for Project Management – an often taken-for-granted function that can deliver tremendous value to projects AND to your business.

7-Eleven needed a secure and reliable network to make it easier for store managers to stock fresh foods and order merchandise to keep pace with ever changing customer preferences. Read this case study and know how Pulse Secure brought convenience, security to 7-Eleven's in-store network

The future is hybrid. Understand how hybrid IT can help you take better advantage of the data your business collects.

Nexus Technologies, Inc. (Nexus), a top enterprise solutions provider and information technology (IT) reseller, today inked a partnership with InfoFabrica (IFF) of Singapore to provide Hybrid Cloud services across the enterprise, commercial and SME sectors in the Philippines.