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July Volume 5 Issue 3

SM Retail is one of the Philippines’ leading retailers. Success requires a constant focus on margins and daily analysis of inventory. HPE Vertica helps makes sense of this business critical data, leading to improved stock management and better decision making. Find out how HPE Vertica transforms reporting speeds for top retailer here.

Introducing the ExtraHop wire data platform!  Wire Data brings complete visibility to the most massive and complex IT environments in the most massive and complex IT environments in the world, including Fortune 500 companies like Sony, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google.

If ransomware defense and recovery isn’t on your infosec shortlist, it’s time to put it there. According to McAfee Labs, in Q1 of 2015, organizations experienced a 165% rise in ransomware, attributing much of its growth because it is hard to detect. Here's a complete guide for you to better understand the role that bitcoin plays in ransomware, various types of ransomware, specific variants, and cover a few mitigation methods.

A pioneer in cloud contact center solutions and a leader in customer care, Interactive Intelligence excels in terms of company culture, vision alignment, technological sophistication, a focus on unmet needs, growth performance and growth pipeline.