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A more complete, innovative approach to incident response. As more companies learn the hard way, no one can prevent all cyberattacks. You also need an effective incident response strategy for attacks that succeed. Effect Incident Response requires full visibility into all your network traffic – even encrypted – so you can uncover hidden threats and take quick action against multiple attack vectors.
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ServiceNow Redefines and Simplifies IT Service Management Processes for Siam City Cement Public
As a cloud-based ITSM solution, ServiceNow is easy and fast to deploy, requiring only an internet connection and basic web browser on user devices. There is no infrastructure investment required or additional maintenance to server hardware, which significantly reduces the implementation lead-time.
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MEDIA ALERT: Inova Translational Medicine Institute Adopts Tableau for Precision Medicine
Using a number of Tableau products, including Desktop, Server, and Mobile, ITMI is enabling research to proactively identify biomarkers in order to personalize treatment for families, based on genomic data from the infants as well as both parents. In addition, ITMI is integrating genomic data with patient health information, using Tableau Software to proactively identify trends and patterns that could lead to unprecedented health insights.
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Fresh Honey and HPE, What do they have in common?
Storage can be complex sometimes, especially if we are chasing those corner-case performance problems. The benefits of a single-vendor server-storage solution cannot be devalued. Combining industry leading HPE servers and storage in a single vendor end-to-end solution provides not only world leading results but sweet peace of mind as well. Consolidate with confidence and enjoy the sweetness of a freshly installed 3PAR StoreServ solution today!
Nexus to celebrate its 20th year in business with an avalanche of partner awards.
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Jupiter Systems, Inc. to implement its Enterprise Resource Information and Control (ERIC) in CCT Chemicals, Inc.
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