December 2016 Volume 5 Issue 4

Many organizations are already aware that managing social media presence is an important marketing tool and business driver. In certain industries, social media can make or break a business. By applying analytics to social media data, businesses can find more creative and innovative ways to tackle their challenges.  See how the Nexus Analytics Consulting Group explored the potential of harnessing these social media data.

When it comes to resolving issues and improving performance in your environment, it's really a race against time.  Every second you spend on one investigation is time that's lost to address other priorities.  Learn how ExtraHop can get you from a global view to the exact transactions you need in just a few clicks.

Unit 42, the Palo Alto Networks® threat research team, reviews the past, present and future of ransomware in this report, including strategies for preventing this critical threat.

Re-invent your data center with the Dell PowerEdge FX modular architecture and meet the demands of a mobile, data-analytics heavy, cloud-driven era with more choice and less complexity.