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November 2017 Volume 6 Issue 4

An organization must protect itself from known and unknown cyberthreats, as well as the failures of traditional antivirus solutions, in order to prevent security breaches.  To accomplish this, there must be a focus on prevention.  Prevention is the only effective, scalable and sustainable way of reducing the frequency and impact of cyber breaches.  So what should endpoint security do to be able to effectively and comprehensively protect systems, users and endpoints?  This article discusses the ten requirements for securing endpoints.

Important AWS Exposure, “GhostWriter” Discovered

The GhostWriter exposure is caused by S3 Buckets that are misconfigured due to customer error, allowing public writes.  This allows a third party to alter content in the S3 buckets, enabling a bad actor to use the exposure to conduct MITM phishing and malware attacks.  Read on and get a FREE Ghostwriter exposure assessment.

Hyper-converged Web Scale at Any Scale

Rapidly scale your virtualized environment with high-performance Dell XC Series web-scale solutions powered by Nutanix.  Deploy additional resources quickly and easily, expanding performance and capacity as your different projects evolve.

DevOps: Accelerate to the speed of business

DevOps is about removing constraints, improving quality and accelerating delivery. Here’s a quick overview that explains how.