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Secure Your Most Sensitive Files and Emails
From the Inside Out
with Varonis User Behavior Analytics

Stopping Ransomware with DatAlert

Stopping Ransomware with DatAlert

Varonis protects you from the inside out. Analyze the behavior of the people and machines that access your data, alert on misbehavior and enforce a least privilege model. See what real customers say about DatAlert. [watch]

Insider Threats and Inside Out Security

Insider Threats and Inside Out Security

When it comes to protecting data, the perimeter has become irrelevant. It's time to protect your data from the inside out: transform your data security with Varonis. [watch]

Varonis - What We Do

Varonis - What We Do

Varonis provides an innovative software platform that allows enterprises to map, analyze, manage and migrate their unstructured data. This data often contains an enterprise's financial information, product plans, strategic initiatives, intellectual property and numerous other forms of vital information. IT and business personnel deploy Varonis software for a variety of use cases, including data governance, data security, archiving, file synchronization, enhanced mobile data accessibility and information collaboration. [watch]


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  • Audit user activity and detect risky behavior / ransomware
  • Identify and prioritize at-risk areas

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Essential Reading

The Complete Ransomware Guide

If ransomware defense and recovery isn't on your infosec shortlist, it's time to put it there. According to McAfee Labs, in Q1 if 2015, organizations experienced a 165% rise in ransomware, attributing much of its growth because it is hard to detect. [read more]

Insider Threats: Malice, Mistakes and Mountain Lions

The goal of this whitepaper is to help you understand the most common insider threats and provide actionable tips to help protect against them. [read more]

Varonis and User Behavior Analytics

Security has become a business problem. Though organizations have invested in security, they know they’re not really protected. The recent string of headline-making breaches has not been lost on the C-level suite. Security personnel, for the most part, know their biggest areas of risk, know they have a short window to get something done and know they have a limited budget. So what to do? The answer is surprisingly simple: protect unstructured data! [read more]

11 Things IT Should Be Doing (But Isn't)

When it comes to protecting spreadsheets, documents, images and other data on file servers, SharePoint sites, and in Exchange mailboxes and public folders, most organizations readily admit that their current processes and risk profiles are less than ideal. [read more]

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The Wall Street Journal
Insider Threats: A Bigger Risk Than You Think
Deloitte Insights

The temptation among employees—especially those in IT—to steal sensitive company data looms surprisingly large, but employers can detect these impulses by tuning in to a wide range of risk indicators... [read more]

Panama Papers Leak: The New Normal?
Yaki Faitelson

Cybercrime has become so expected and normal that media coverage of the Panama Papers leak has barely mentioned law firm Mossack Fonseca's failure to protect its most valuable and sensitive assets: the files and e-mails that identify clients and their transactions. Another week, another damaging breach. [read more]

IT Business Edge
Keeping the CIO from Being Fired and Preventing the Next Snowden
Rob Enderle

"Today, you likely couldn't pay me enough to be a CIO. There are just too many things you can't possibly keep track of that could go wrong and result in not only your termination but early retirement, and I'm too old to flip burgers at a McDonalds." [read more]


The Varonis Data Governance Suite

Data Audit & Protection

Ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, monitor use, alert on abuse. [read more]

Data Access Governance

Give business users the power to review and manage permissions without IT assistance and automatically enforce business rules. [read more]

Enterprise File Sync & Share

Sync and share all or part of your file share data in minutes on your own servers without moving data or making changes to your infrastructure -- a secure, private Dropbox alternative. [read more]

Enterprise Search & Discovery

Deliver relevant search results to the right people, making your business more productive and limiting the risk of exposing sensitive information. [read more]


Technology Alliance Partners

If you use the following technology, the Varonis data governance suite completes your solution by integrating seamlessly with them. For a complete list, including available whitepapers, visit

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Privilege Access Management (PAM)

Advance Persistent Threat (APT)