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Nexus Analytics Consulting Group

Anticipating the growing need of companies to make sense of all their available data to understand their business better, Nexus formed an Analytics Consulting Group whose primary goal is to help companies solve their business challenges and unlock the value of their data. To do this, the group turns data into information that fuels data-driven decisions and provides insights that are relevant to the company’s growing and changing business environment.

Advanced Analytics Services

Leave the number crunching to the group, all natural problem solvers!  The group, in collaboration with the client, will identify and articulate the problem, collect the necessary data to analyze, and provide detailed recommendations and action plans. At the end of every engagement, the group makes sure that the client has gained a full understanding of the analysis and methodology to enable the client to fully integrate the solution into their operations.

The group’s analytics expertise enables clients to address business problems such as:

  • Which warehouses are receiving shipments beyond their storage capacities?
  • Which customers are more likely to respond to a promotional offer?
  • What is the minimum number of agents to contract in order to meet the required service levels?

To solve these kinds of problems, the group leverages its expertise in the following areas:

  • Predictive Analytics and Statistical Data Mining
  • Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Machine Learning

The Analytics Team

The Analytics Consulting Group is composed of talented consultants with a diverse set of skills in analytics and with strong backgrounds in statistics and applied mathematics. Each member is driven by passion to channel technical expertise towards developing solutions and providing insights to the client’s business.

In the last 16 years, Nexus has built its expertise on business intelligence consulting and in deploying analytics solutions to clients.  Nexus’s industry experience combined with the group’s analytical talent give clients the best combination of skills for an engagement.

Here are some of the projects and problems that the group’s consultants have worked on prior to joining the team:

Sales order analysis for a large retailer in the US

  • Consultant was part of a team that conducted an analysis on sales order and delivery data that forecasted warehouse delivery arrivals and identified major causes of delays.
  • Won 2nd Place, Silent Hoist and Crane Award for excellence in information handling.

Call center operations simulations

  • Consultant created a simulation model to analyze a company’s call center system, including provisions for customers leaving queues before being served.
  • Another consultant conducted a study that identified critical problems in the operations of an electric distribution company’s call center and determined appropriate staffing levels for peak days.

Word length distribution patterns of synonymous words in the English language

  • Consultant was part of a research team that analyzed the usage of synonymous words in the English language. They determined that the preference for shorter words in synonymous groups increases over time. Their paper was presented at the 33rd Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas Physics Congress.

Here are other Nexus analytics projects that the group’s consultants have been involved in:

Network engineering dashboards for a large telecommunications company

  • Consultant led a team that helped the client’s network engineering team identify opportunity areas for building additional cell-sites through interactive dashboards for monitoring network health.



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